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Tim & Kim Berwick

Lambton, Newcastle

Design & Construct

With the introduction of a new and foreign food type to the city, opportunity was afforded in this design for something completely fresh. Taking cues from Tokyo metro station and train design, a predominantly white interior acts as a backdrop to a yellow highlight, a signifier of the brand. To this base, we add in temporary graphic design elements, menu boards, signage, tablet covers and doors that are made to add focal points and to draw attention. These elements are cycled seasonally, much like advertisements adding life to the metro stations and train carriages.

Situated in a prominent building from 1906, SUSURU Ramen and Gyoza bar enlivens the façade and street it rests on. Working closely with the City Council, the design breaks away from the traditional mining aesthetic typical of the area. As the city grows and develops, it attracts more foreign attention, whom don't necessarily have the same rapport with what was largely a mining town many years ago. The SUSURU restaurant is for the newcomers, for those visiting, and most importantly, for those long term residents wanting to see the city develop and diversify.

21 Jan 2019
''Susuru stands out from the rest of Newcastle, aesthetically and functionally.''

10 January 2018
''An optical ramen and gyoza bar in Australia ''

May 2017
''Situated in a prominent building from 1906, SUSURU Ramen and Gyoza bar enlivens the façade and street it rests on''

21 Jan 2019
''Less is undoubtedly more at Susuru, but here the phrase can be interpreted in another way too – that it requires more effort to make something that looks like less''

Taiyo Namba



Benjamin Berwick.


Pete Haas (Builder), Timothy Glasson (Electrical), Headjam (Graphic Design), Alusion Aluminium (Walls and Ceilings), Butlers Epoxy (Flooring), Hunter Valley Benchtops (Benchtops), Bigass Fans (Fans), Imagiron (Furniture), Chapman Upholstery (Upholstery), Jan Vranovský (Photography).

A vibrant space for a former mining town to spur creative industry.

Susuru Ramen & Gyoza

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